About Us

What We Do

Promote Higher Educational Achievements 

•Grant scholarship awards to high school graduates of Laotian descent in Western New York State based on criteria set in application. 

 ◦Provide information on scholarship applications to all school districts. 

 ◦Publicize scholarship awards online and posting flyers in public places commonly visited by the Laotian community. 

•Act as a liaison between schools, students, and parents. 

  ◦LASF board members meet with guidance counselors to determine if there are Laotian Americans who will be graduating, to offer assistance in clarifying the LASF scholarship application process, and to provide information on other minority scholarships to students and parents. 

•Celebrate and recognize Laotian American leadership and achievement 

◦Provide awareness to the younger Laotian American generations on successes within the Laotian community by recruiting successful and highly educated Laotian-American community members to be cultural role models and speakers at LASF events. 

Strengthen Ethnic Identity of Laotian Americans

•Create Laotian cultural awareness in the community

  ◦Traditional Laotian dance 

  ◦Laotian cuisine 

  ◦Laotian etiquette 

  ◦Participate in yearly Asian month cultural celebrations within the Laotian as well as greater Rochester communities. 

Foundation Profile

Founded: 2008

President: Sounthone Vattana

Vice President: Pepsy Kettavong

Secretary: Sackamone Thom Phommachanh

Treasure: Phouvieng Anna Phichith


Pany Chounlapane

Viengkham Siriphanthong 

Souk Souannavong 

Khamsene Sayasith 

Chitta Phouthavong  

Dr. Jefferson Svengsouk 

Dr. Samly Maat

Senior Advisors

Khamlath Phonetheva 

Karaphat Inthalasy

The LASF is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization

LASF is operated solely by volunteers

All donations are tax deductible

What We're About

Our Vision

The Laotian American Scholarship Foundation (LASF) is an organization that promotes the attainment of excellence in higher education for Laotian Americans in Western New York. 

Our Mission

The purpose of the Laotian American Scholarship Foundation is to promote achievements in higher education among Laotian Americans and to strengthen the ethnic identity of Laotian Americans in Western New York.

Our Recipients

The Laotian American Scholarship Foundation (LASF) is proud to celebrate our young Laotian American High School graduates who want to pursue higher academic learning.